In 2008, the international stock markets were negatively impacted by the financial market crisis and the general economic slowdown. As a result, the ANDRITZ share price declined by 54.4% during the period under review, but it again outperformed the ATX, which fell by 61.2% during the same period.
The highest closing price of the ANDRITZ share during the reporting period was 43.53 Euros (May 19, 2008). The lowest closing price was 15.96 Euros (November 25, 2008).



The average daily trading volume of ANDRITZ shares at the Vienna Stock Exchange in 2008 was 488,638 shares (2007: 452,909 shares). The highest trading volume was recorded on November 25, 2008 (4,330,504 shares), the lowest on June 13, 2008 (102,710 shares).
Note: Trading volume is double count, as published by the Vienna Stock Exchange.


ANDRITZ has a very stable and well-balanced shareholder structure. Approximately 29% of the shares are owned by Certus Beteiligungs-GmbH, whose Managing Director is Wolfgang Leitner, President and CEO of ANDRITZ AG. With approximately 71% of free float, ANDRITZ has a widely diversified shareholder structure consisting of institutional investors and private retail shareholders. The majority of institutional investors come from Anglo-Saxon countries (particularly Great Britain and the USA), but also from Austria and Germany. Retail investors are mainly based in Austria and Germany.
Free float by region
(as of December 31, 2008)

Shareholder structure
(as of December 31, 2008)


During 2008, 330 one-on-one meetings (2007: 230 such meetings) with institutional investors and financial analysts were held in Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, London, Lugano, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Denver, San Francisco, Stockholm, Chicago, Toronto, Warsaw, Vienna, Zurich, Geneva, and Munich.
ANDRITZ presented itself at several investor conferences, such as JPMorgan’s Capital Goods Conference in London, HSBC’s Small-/Mid-Cap SRI Conference in Frankfurt, Cheuvreux’ German Corporate Conference in Frankfurt, Deutsche Bank’s German & Austrian Corporate Conference in London, Goldman Sachs’ Small-/Mid-Cap Symposium in London, Cheuvreux’ European & Middle East Large- & Mid-Cap Conference in New York, UniCredit’s Investor Conference in Kitzbühel, and Erste Bank’s Investor Conference in Stegersbach, Austria.
ANDRITZ also presented itself to retail investors, at the international GEWINN fair in Vienna and at the roadshow of Börse-Express/Aktienforum in Vienna. In addition, site visits were arranged for retail investment clubs.
At this year’s ANDRITZ Capital Market Days, held in Southern Styria on October 21, 2008, the members of the Executive Board presented their business areas, including products, long-term strategies, and goals. They also spoke about the outlook and expectations for the coming years. The participants also visited the production site of ANDRITZ HYDRO in Weiz, Austria.

ANDRITZ receives further Investor Relations awards

Since the Initial Public Offering in 2001, ANDRITZ has received several awards for its Investor Relations activities.
In May 2008, ANDRITZ received the Viennese Stock Exchange Award 2008. ANDRITZ won the main category, the ATX prize, which is awarded to companies for the quality of their work in the Austrian capital market. The assessment criteria included: financial reports (e.g. depth of information of annual and quarterly reports, disclosure in accordance with the Corporate Governance Code), Investor Relations activities (e.g. completeness of the flow of information, availability, readiness to do roadshows), strategy and business management (clarity and detailedness of strategy, accuracy of forecasts, information about potential risks), and market-related factors (price performance and liquidity of the shares in 2007).
In October 2008, ANDRITZ again received an award for its Investor Relations activities. At the international GEWINN fair held in Vienna, ANDRITZ was ranked third place in the most important category, which assesses the companies’ Investor Relations activities, transparency, financial reporting, etc.

Research coverage

In December 2008, HSBC started the coverage of ANDRITZ shares. Thus, as of the end of the reporting period, twelve national and international banks and investment companies published reports on Andritz on a regular basis. They are (in alphabetical order): Berenberg Bank, Crédit Agricole Cheuvreux, Deutsche Bank, Erste Bank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JPMorgan, Kaupthing Sofi, Sal. Oppenheim, Raiffeisen Centrobank, UBS, and Unicredit.
Corporate Governance
ANDRITZ decided to comply with the new Austrian Code of Corporate Governance following the changes made by the Business Law Reform Act (Unternehmensrechts-Änderungsgesetz), although the new Code only needs to be applied to business years after December 31, 2008. The Corporate Governance report and other information on the subject are included in the annual financial report 2008 and at:
Financial calendar (preliminary)
  • 06.03.2009: Results for the financial year 2008
  • 27.03.2009: Annual General Meeting
  • 31.03.2009: Ex-dividend
  • 03.04.2009: Dividend payment
  • 07.05.2009: Results Q1 2009
  • 07.08.2009: Results H1 2009
  • 06.11.2009: Results Q1-Q3 2009


ISIN Code AT0000730007
First Listing Day June 25, 2001
Types of Shares no-par value shares, bearer shares
Total Number of Shares 52 million
Authorized Capital none
Free Float approximately 71%
Stock Exchange Vienna (Prime Market)
Ticker Symbols Reuters: ANDR.VI; Bloomberg: ANDR, AV
Stock Exchange Indices ATX, ATXPrime, WBI


  2008 2007* 2006* 2005 2004
Earnings per share (EUR) 2.73 2.61 2.30 1.53 1.03
Dividend per share (EUR) 1.101) 1.00 0.75 0.50 0.35
Payout ratio (%) 40.3 38.3 32.6 32.6 34.3
Equity attributable to shareholders per share (EUR) 10.59 9.07 7.86 6.25 5.18
Highest closing price (EUR) 43.53 54.00 41.08 23.21 14.13
Lowest closing price (EUR) 15.96 35.80 23.13 14.15 8.75
Closing price at year-end (EUR) 18.16 41.45 41.08 23.21 14.03
Market capitalization as of December 31 (MEUR) 944.3 2,155.6 2,135.9 1,207.1 729.3
Performance -54.4 +2.6% +74.9% +62.8% +52.5%
ATX weighting as of December 31 (%) 2.9209 2.3950 2.4080 1.8200 1.7656
Average daily number of shares traded 488,638 452,909 355,580 335,972 282,976
1) Proposal to the Annual General Meeting
Note: On May 3, 2007, the ANDRITZ share was split in a ratio of 1:4. Historical share price data were adjusted accodingly. Source: Vienna Stock Exchange.

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